Why go Blue?


A Win-Win-Win Solution

Our proprietary solution quickly and efficiently connects highly-motivated resources from skill-dense regions to available opportunities, on location, wherever they are needed. By doing this, we endeavour to close the gap of unemployment while simultaneously increasing productivity and profitability for the companies we work with.

You now have the opportunity to extend your skills reach much further than ever before. Now you can keep up with production commitments and optimize operational capacities more consistently. You will receive highly-motivated individuals who are focused and well-managed through our proprietary internal systems which, in turn, will also reduce strain on internal Human Resources staff.

Full Service Support


We take care of initial scheduling, employee paperwork, vetting, housing, transportation, and everything else needed to get the most qualified employees available, up and running and working to support your business goals.

Through Blue Branch you will have a greatly-expanded talent reach with our network of skilled workers across all of Canada. Having a limited local search area is challenging; especially in areas with low unemployment rates. We open up access to workers from highly-skilled areas with high unemployment rates who are motivated and ready to get to work.

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Our seamless process might appear to be magic, but our model is based on real world, tested and proven experience. We are committed to delivering quality workers, where they’re needed most, in a timely and professional manner, with a level of ease and confidence that our employees and clients have enjoyed for years.


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We look forward to working together. Call us at 1-844-963-2583, or message us to learn more or get started.