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Unlocking Labour Mobility: A Research Collaboration with the University of Toronto

uIn a world marked by increasing trends of labour mobility, addressing skilled labor shortages has become a critical challenge. At Blue Branch, we recognize the importance of innovative solutions to bridge this gap. Our groundbreaking research, in collaboration with the prestigious University of Toronto, delves into the realm of “supercommuting” and its profound impact on the mental health and well-being of Skilled Trade Workers.

Research Methodology

Our research utilizes a non-experimental research design and involves a diverse group of participants who actively participate in Blue Branch Inc.’s supercommuting labor mobility model, headquartered in Hamilton, Canada. To gather comprehensive insights, we employed an online questionnaire that collected demographic data, work-related information, measures of occupational stress including burnout, and job-related stress data.

Key Findings

Our research commenced on April 1, 2021, with a total of 58 participants. The majority, comprising 44 participants (76%), were males, many of whom were born outside Canada, boasting an average age of 32.8 years. The study revealed that factors such as workplace safety (95%), full-time employment opportunities (95%), prospects for career advancement (95%), and income and benefits (94.9%) were identified as the most critical factors influencing participants to remain in their current positions.

Among the 47 participants who reported experiencing burnout, only one exhibited severe burnout in each domain – personal, work-related, and colleague-related. This emphasizes the pressing need for preventative burnout programs and supportive employer resources, especially for those engaged in long-distance labor commuting.

Read the full findings of the report here. 

The Path Forward

Our research underscores the importance of encouraging policymakers to develop forward-thinking solutions, including training programs for future Ontario workers that support mobile employment and long-distance labor commuting. At Blue Branch, we are committed to driving innovation and facilitating a brighter, more sustainable future for workers and employers alike.

Stay tuned for more updates on our research journey with the University of Toronto as we continue to explore the dynamic world of supercommuting and labour mobility. Together, we aim to reshape the future of work, making it more accessible and rewarding for all.

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