About Us

Trusted Labour Workforce Solution

Blue Branch is a social enterprise that leverages a unique labour mobility model, Super-Commuting, to connect employers and skilled talent from across Canada. We take a hands-on approach to recruitment, working closely with each job seeker to manage relocation, community integration, housing, and transportation.

Our team is passionate about supporting job seekers in their career journey, whether that means helping them find the best employment opportunity using our Super Commuting program or providing them with resources and support to build their long-term career prospects. At the same time, we work closely with employers to understand their specific needs and provide them with highly motivated and well-trained employees that are ready to hit the ground running.

Our goal is to provide exceptional service to both employers and job seekers, helping them achieve their goals and succeed in their careers.

Full-Service Labour Solution

Labour Recruitment

We are committed to recruiting top talent from within Canada and soon from abroad. Through partnerships with community-based and government organizations, we connect with diverse labour segments across Canada, including immigrants, new canadians, First Nations and Inuit, recent graduates, military veterans, and women in trades.

Re-Skilling, Up-Skilling, and Certification

We partner with provincial regulatory authorities and local training providers to ensure that our recruits meet all the necessary technical and skilled licensing requirements and qualifications to match your job requirements. This approach allows us to provide highly-skilled talent that is ready to work when they arrive on site.

Labour Logistics

Full-service labour logistics solution that takes care of everything from flights to housing to transportation. Our team works closely with each job seeker to manage worker relocation, community integration, housing, payroll, attendance, and more.

Reduce Your Risk

We can act as the Employer of Record, allowing us to take on the risks associated with each employee, such as managing payroll costs, WSIB, community integration, housing, transportation, and flights. At the end of the program, our partner organizations can hire any employees they want free of charge.


Our Team

Todd Clyde

CEO & Founding Partner



Brad Beatty

VP of Client Services & Partner



John Broer

CFO & Partner



Stephen Sell

Chief Operating Officer


Bianca Cameron

Senior Director, Human Resources


Wanita Clyde

Senior Director, Talent Acquisition


Terra Brown

Logistics Manager


Shae Leung

Accounting and Payroll Manager


Caroline Gheda

HR Generalist/Health & Safety Specialist


Suzy Raposo

Executive Assistant


Jason Clyde

Director of Sales, Eastern Region



Chris Flickinger

Director of Sales, Western Canada



Trades Ready Modular Project

Building your future starts with Blue Branch. Get hands-on training, a paid job placement, and become employable in construction or the trades.