What is super commuting?

Super Commuting is model of commuting that encourages workers from across Canada to travel for work while not forcing them to uproot their lives.

By offering rotations of (typically) three-six weeks of work and one week off, Blue Branch has found a new short-term – or long-term – labour solution.

Super-Commuters are typically from areas of high unemployment, who may not be willing to permanently move away from home, but are still looking for work. Super Commuting allows us to bring employers and employees together from across Canada.

The value you receive in working with Blue Branch comes from our well-defined logistics process. We leverage our years of experience to create a completely turn-key solution. Our start-to-finish program gets you the staff you need, up and running in two to five weeks. We can take care of the recruitment, housing, flights and transportation to and from your place of business.

Our workers are ready to start from the second they walk through your door. We ensure they have backgrounds in the specific skills needed while you provide any job specific training. What really sets us apart is that we are dedicated to helping your employees feel comfortable in their new city in hopes that they will want to make this their full-time home! That’s right, we encourage workers to make your city their new home. We want you to be able to hire these workers full time – no charge in the end.

We Want to Mobilize Canada

Blue Branch connects employers with skilled talent from across Canada, helping to mobilize our asymmetrical labour force. Over the past five decades, the percentage of working-age Canadians migrating to other provinces has dropped from about 2% to about 1%. However, at any given time, there are still 370,000 people who are ready to move to other provinces for work. We want to solve this problem by making it easier for Canadians to access opportunities anywhere in Canada. We think Super-Commuting can help!


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